Periyar Tiger Reserve Project

Periyar Tiger Reserve Project is one of the successful project done by Lana Technologies. The project is established in order to monitor the 18 tigers in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. As per our client wish we placed CCTV Surveillance Cameras & NVR installations in Bamboo Grove, Boat Landing and Sakunthalakkadavu of Periyar Tiger Reserve with our cameras like PTZ-PL-52D36E, BS-52O13K and NVR-Z516NFR,. Around this we had placed Three PTZ cameras, 14 bullet cameras with two 16-Channel NVR’s. Cameras including PL-52D36E-A, Z516NFR are furnished to the second tender with an IR distance of 150 m, with total Eight PTZ Cameras and four 16-Channel NVR. The camera processed with a clear cut clarity feature. With our promising project our client found it quite securing hence they wished to establish the project all over the India. Cameras enable staff to stay out of close proximity while still keeping a watchful eye. The technologies make the facilities for more secure to animals and thus the care takers are able to watch them keenly without worries.

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