CCTV Installation in Police Van

One of the Successful Project done by Lana Technologies is the CCTV Installation in Police Van. Security of a nation is what a Police officer’s dignity towards its nation. For detecting crimes and processing a complete security we offered our client a complete CCTV which is consisted of 7 inches tablets on the rear view mirror and placed with a SD card. We placed a MDVR, 1.3MP rectangular shaped CCTV were installed for a high clarity advantage with non-trembling feature. Our client were looking for a solution to suit CCTV cameras in their van for establishing road safety. We successfully implemented our solution to meet the requirement of the customer by centralizing seven CCTV cameras for their seven listed number of vans. We installed it by one after one and it established with a clear cut clarity and ensures that to not tremble involuntarily. It helps to keenly watches throughout the roads, and also police officers can view the one who break the road rules.

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